Solo Style RDA Image Review – YFTK & SXK Comparison

Today we are going to do a comparison between 2 Solo Style RDA. Both YFTK & SXK claims to be 1:1, we haven’t ever test the authentic one so we can’t tell.

Following we are going to have some image comparison on the outlook of the YFTK & SXK solo style RDA.

Solo style RDA YFTK & SXKPackage, slightly different. both with their own logo YFTK/SXK

Solo style RDA YFTK & SXKThe 2 solo stlye RDA are both constructed with 316 stainless steel and peek tank sleeve. The SXK Solo style RDA is deeper in color black on the sleeve.



YFTK solo style RDAIn the package of the solo rda by YFTK, there’s 2 spare screws and some replacement o-ring, one hex key for coil locking screws and one solid pin.

sxk solo style RDAIn the package, Solo style RDA by SXK has 2 hex key in 2 size, one is for the coil locking screws and the other is for the center connector pin. There’s a BF pin in the package.

Solo style RDA YFTK & SXK

YFTK version comes with pre-stalled Bottom feeding pin while the SXK version has solid pin pre-installed. There’s a difference on the bottom of the deck. The YFTK only have logo and solo, the SXK one has a serial number. Here I got a personalized one with number 0000.

Solo style RDA YFTK & SXKThe top part of the sleeve and the words on the cap. YFTK version is more like engraved while the SXK one is more like printing on. The words on SXK solo rda is clearer and whiter than the words on YFTK one.

Solo style RDA YFTK & SXKSolo RDA consists of drip tip, sleeve and building deck. Very simple structure.

Solo style RDA YFTK & SXKThe center pin is protruding and is perfect to use on mec mods.  The SXK one is more obvious on protruding.

Solo style RDA YFTK & SXKSXK sleeve is darker.

Solo style RDA YFTK & SXKThe building deck is different on the finishing. Both with nice cutting and no edge. YFTK one seems to be more smooth on the curve of the positive post slot.

Solo style RDA YFTK & SXKGet a macroshot of the threads of the the negative post. The YFTK one seems to have a nicer cutting.

Solo style RDA YFTK & SXK

Also a macroshot of the negative post. Both have an angle for easier put in the coil.

Solo style RDA YFTK & SXK Solo style RDA YFTK & SXKThe macroshot of positive post. YFTK one do have a more obvious angle on the opening of the coil slot. The peek insulator of YFTK is whiter and the SXK one is more brown.

Solo style RDA YFTK & SXKThe solo RDA has its unique design on the bottom of the deck with an adjusting plate. O-ring on the deck and this can be used to prevent the leaking while using the suqonk mods.  One con of the SXK solo RDA is the o-ring on the SXK deck is very loose while the one on the YFTK RDA is very tight. Once the black o-ring of SXK solo is fellen out, it’s not easy to fix it back.  Not easy to put the o-ring back, one tip is just put the o-ring on and screw the deck onto the 510 pin, and the o-ring will go back.

Solo style RDA YFTK & SXK
Solo style RDA YFTK & SXKSolo style RDA YFTK & SXK

Once the atty has been secured down onto the 510 adapter, it allows the user to adjust the air hole to the preferred angle. In other words, it allows the user to re-align their atomizer once it has been secured onto the 510 adaptor .

Short summary

Both YFTK and SXK solo RDA have good build. The YFTK one is more good on cutting machining and quality of the building deck and posts. YFTK one is $18.99, while the SXK one is $7 cheaper after adding to cart. So when you have short budget, SXK can be a very good choice. The center pin of the SXK one is said to be gold plated. Gold is the best conductor of center pin, will be a good choice.

When using these 2 RDA, dense and dry vapor with heavy flavor, no noticeable of resistance difference with same building. Both sleeve is very tight on the deck, not easy to put on the deck. Maybe it’s because SXK one is cheaper, I always feel the SXK one is with metal taste at the first time. This is only my feeling, not very fair.

When you put the rda on the 510 adapter of the mod, may be because the o-ring is looser on SXK solo, it’s smoother when re-aligning YFTK solo atomizer than the SXK one.

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