1. Sebastian

    I bought this tank/rda with my pre ordered joyetech Cuboid, and i of course i did my Chance at the giveaway!
    Im really confused about, how this rd/ta will work!?
    I thought, when i bought it, its an completley new product, but this is a simple Velocity clone and ivogo made an tank in the bottom of the dripper right?
    But tell me, how goes the liquid from the bottom tank to the coil on top?
    Does it work with cotton? Stainless steel wicks?

    1. 3FVape 3FVape

      It works like the haze dripper RTA, you can google the haze dripper rat for some video reviews. They are similar on tank design, the cotton soak into the e-juice and will lead ejuice around the wick. Haven’t test stainless steel wicks on it but I think it can work.
      This rta has a velocity style 2 post design with a bottom tank. You can build the coil on the deck like the RDA.

      1. Sebastian

        I have no information that my parcel including this RTA and the Joyetech cuboid, is shipped out??
        But the Cuboid is already in normal stock, like everywhere else.
        Would you check this for me?

        This RTA is, a Velocity style with an tank on the bottom right?
        Ok im interested! 15 bucks…
        I hope my parcel shipps out soon…

        Kind regards,


        1. 3FVape 3FVape

          Hope you will receive your parcel soon.
          As I don’t have access to your order details, you can inquiry service@3fvape.com to ask when your order will go.

  2. pixelzombie

    Thanks for this review. I’ve been wondering about this tank since it went on sale. I was hoping you would’ve mentioned more about the wicking for this tank. I’m not very familiar with genesis-style wicking techniques.


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