Review Of Smok Stick V8 Vape Pen

Review Of Smok Stick V8 Vape Pen By Ecigopedia

SMOK seems to have been postponed after releasing its latest mod [the Skyhook] but personally, I had my eye on something new coming soon. The SMOK Stick V8 kit is the latest sub-ohm pen device produced by one of the most popular companies out there.

Features & Specifications

Battery Specifications & Features Big Baby TFV8 Specifications
Dimensions: 24.5 * 75mm Size: 56 * 24.5mm
Capacity 3000mAh battery Container volume 5.0 ml
Voltage range: 3.4 V – 4.2 V Stainless steel construction
Battery LED indicator Glass container section
Stainless steel construction Adjustable air flow
Spring pin 510 Pointe drip Delrin wide bore
Micro USB port (charging) Top tamping machine
Long Battery life of 3000 mAh 5 ml Capacity
No screen or settings – only load and go for a Vape
Great taste and clouds

Kit content:

  • Battery 1 x V8 stick (3000mAh)
  • 1x TFV8 Big Baby Tank 24.5mm
  • Baby M2 V8 1x base 0.15ohm
  • V8 core 1x M2 baby-0.25ohm
  • 1x USB connection
  • 1x manual
  • 1x Band of Vape
  • 1x spare parts

First Impression

The kit comes with black cover box with all the information on the back written on it. However, SMOK M2 baby coils specifically designed for the V8 stick battery pump discharge 20 amps are consistently designed. Using Ohm readings on them and the kit I received were of 0.15ohm and 0.25ohm. You will be happy to know that each baby TFV8 beast is coils supported.


The quality design is just beyond the perfections. The connections are clean and smooth like butter with the large ring of airflow and have a fairly good resistance when moving. The design is a cookie-wise and very similar to a Brit and SMOK Vape Pen 22. It is thick and chunky. I got the black version and really look like a top model. It also comes in stainless steel and the finest color is a rainbow. The charging connector is on the side with a small LED dots that will let you know when your device is fully charged.

The power button is very “Clicky” and flashes every time you puff and if it blinks 15 times then it means the voltage is below 3.3V. Oh man, I loved seeing this beauty! The battery seems unlimited and that the tank is crazy to run! The clouds are awesome with the sensational taste. Baby V8 double coil base M2 0.25 ohms had given me an excellent Vape – I think it was cool, but lukewarm curls and the taste was a revelation – great. This is an absolute monster – WOW! It is a rugged device that I could think of taking a few bumps and fits comfortably in your hand and feels strong enough.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
8 Seconds Shut Off Honestly, I’m little confused about the Cons
because I didn’t find anything. But maybe it was a little noisy.
Low Resistance Protection
Protection Against Short Circuit
Low-Voltage Protection
Easy filling
Easy coil changing
Crazy clouds and good taste

Long story short – Summary

I will keep this simple. This is the best stylish pen under ohm device that I’ve had the pleasure of checking. And no, I am not paid to say anything here but the battery is incredible. The tank is good in performance and has a great taste to enjoy. It was easy to handle and the design was awesome.

Post Author: Martin Repost from Link

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Authentic SMOKTech SMOK Stick V8 3000mAh Battery + TFV8 Big Baby Tank Starter Kit - Silver, 5ml, 0.3 Ohm, 24.5 Authentic SMOKTech SMOK Stick V8 3000mAh Battery + TFV8 Big Baby Tank Starter Kit - Rainbow, 5ml, 0.3 Ohm, 24.5


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  1. Brandon Bodin

    This thing seems to be hit or miss. When I first saw this I was happy to see a great starter kit that I know from experience will actually help someone quit smoking as the Tfv8 tank was what did it for me almost a year ago. Also the mod is great for a beginner. The problem seems to be QC here. I immediately started seeing a lot of complaints about this thing dying etc… Idk I am learning QC is not a high priority in Shenzan as it’s not just Smok. Also it could be that tens of thousands were sold and only the negative experiences reported Idk. I would probably still suggest this to someone but with a proper disclaimer.


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