Guidance of SMOK X CUBE II Firmware Upgrade

smoktech xcube 2 black xcube2

Note: The firmware has been upgrading these days, you can check the official website of smoktech:

You may take risk upgrading. We advise you to contact SMOK for details before upgrading.


The Smoktech X Cube II box mod comes with original version V1.06 firmware or before, now you can update it to V1.07 Version.

What’s new in V1.07

  1. Adjustable TCR (Temperature Coefficient of Resistance) function and the default value is 0.00600.
  1. 5 types of special draw effects are added under Temperature Control Mod: MIN, SOFT, NORM, HARD, MAX.
  1. 5 types of strength for the first 2 seconds when vaping added under Wattage Mode and Memory Mode: MIN(-15%), SOFT(-10%), NORM, HARD(+10%), MAX(+15%). For example, if the output wattage you set is 60W, You will get the following output in first 2 seconds vaping under different type you set:
    Strength Type: Wattage
    MIN 51W
    SOFT 54W
    NORM 60W
    HARD 66W
    MAX 69W

Preparation for Upgrade

  1. Check your X Cube II’s current firmware version: Turn off you mod and then five press the fire button to turn on, the firmware information will show after the welcome interface on the screen.
  1. We use the micro USB port for upgrade so you need a micro USB cable, which is included in the package.
  2. Download the right upgrade firmware version:

How to Upgrade:

  1. Upzip the tool package (Upgrade Tool For SMOK X CUBE II)  you downloaded  and then launch the firmware updating program named XCUBEII-Upgrade-Tool.exe.
  1. Power off you xcube II and take the batteries out. Choose the USB type in the “Connection Type” section. Press down the vaping key an connect your device to your PC via micro USB cable.
  2. Click the “Connect” button in the “Connection check” section.  It will show “Connected” when you successfully connect your device, then you can release the vaping key. If it does not work, please try to replug your USB cable.
  3. Click “APROM” and select the latest version firmware (SMOK X CUBE II firmware v1.07) in the program in the “Load file” section.
  4. Choose the “Erase All” and checked the “Config” then click “Start” in the “Pragram” section. This step to make sure that your upgration works well.
  5. Choose the “APROM” and checked the “Config” then click “Start” in the “Pragram” section. After seconds, the firmware will be upgraded to the latest one. If will show “PASS”, when you successfully upgraeded your X CUBE II.

  6. Disconnect the mod. Then insert the battery and you can start your new vaping with upgraded X Cube II.


The device will not work properly if you use the incorrect firmware version to upgrade or overide upgrade. In that case, please use the upgrade tool to erase the old firmware first and then flash the correct one.


smoktech xcube 2 black xcube2


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  1. Thank you for providing upgrade instructions without butchering the English language like Smok does on their site.

  2. My Xcube 2 is dead. Tried upgrading just as described and everything was fine till it said it should flash screen, mine never did.Help!!

  3. I unbowed mine and it shows I have the atomizer but when I try it doesn’t fire. The machine shows its firing but nothing…

    • HI Chad, I checked your email address and found no order history on
      Would you pleas tell me the firmware version of your xcube II, I will try to help but I can’t promise I can solve this problem.
      What if you provide more information?

  4. I can’t access to the Mech mod mode via the app. Is there something i missed out? i upgraded my firmware to 1.092 already.

  5. i tried upgrading and my mod no longer turns on and i cant re upgrade it because now it says “no such USB device” what do i do?

  6. I have the Xcube Mini and i cant find anything about it to help me. i keep getting the no such usb device error and idk what to do. i have tried doing the download but nothing comes up when i do it? please help

    • Haven’t heard about the upgrading for xcube mini. You should contact the smoktech for help.
      Will try help to find solution, if any information will update you.

    • same problem here with my mini…have you had yours updated already? let me know if you did and what you have done to have it updated. thanks!

  7. Just got my X Cube II with original Firmware, and TFV4 Tank. Mod read “Ohms to Low” while I’m using the Quad Coil in TFV4. I don’t understand why, could you offer insight?

  8. Hi, I just updated my smoke x cube 2 and now it will not turn on or any thing, have tried 3 different pairs of batteries and nothing. How do I get it fixed?

  9. I have a problem in the cube mini 75 W that does not work and when it is put in the shipping rises its temperature but also does not work just show the sign shipping only any advice please.

  10. my x cube 2 keeps saying no secret key I keep reading online to update my firmware but it is saying no suck usb when I plug it in