AUTHENTIC ITSUWA RAGE 3-IN-1 RDA / RTA / SUB-OHM TANK Pre-Order Coupon & Review Video Share

Rage 3 in 1 atomizer pre-sale coupon - 3FVAPE

This authentic Itsuwa Rage 3 in 1 atomizer is the world’s first 3 in 1 RDA / RTA / Sub Ohm Tank atomzier.

It combines 3 atomizers in 1, just spend the same money buying a sub ohm tank and you get 3 different options to use it as you like.

It can be form into the following 3 kinds of atomizer:

1 Sub Ohm Tank, together in the package a 0.5ohm sub ohm coil
2 Kayfun style rebuildable tank atomizer
3 RDA with posts easy to DIY

Now it’s under pre-order on 3FVAPE

Use the coupon code “Rage3in1″ and have 10% off getting this great atomizer at only $29.99

Product Link:

Click to buy>>

Following is some Review video from the internet, just to share to let you know better about this atomizer:



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