1. Stoney

    The nonadjustable airflow is the only thing stopping me from purchasing this. Not really because I wanna adjust my airflow tighter but more for the fact that the airflow needs to be closed off when top filling. I think this issue really needs to be fixed from the manufacturer. Everybody always wants a 1:1 clone of the original product UNLESS its something thats a con and needs to be removed. That’s just my two cents though.

      1. vic

        No matter what i do or how I wick this, it leaks in out the airflow every time I fill the tank and close the lid. Is there a fix to this? or maybe a better wicking instructions?

        1. 3FVape 3FVape

          Use the cotton to block the chimney liquid hole. Try cut longer cotton.

  2. Johnny_469

    The way you adjust for airflow for this rta is simple …you dont buy it unless its your taste, that you inhale straight to lung, that you like a bit of cloud. Why does the airflow need to be locked, very strange comment. And what do you mean Everybody, bit of a cheek and worse when you have never used it.


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