Diablo Style RTA Review

Today we are going to talk about the Diablo style RTA.  This RTA has a clear glass tube with a 2.5ml capacity. It has a velocity style building deck design for easy coil build. Top filling design brings a easy using way. 3 colors available on 3FVAPE. silver, black and blue. Here we take one blue Diablo style RTA for this review.
EL Diablo Style RTA

What’s in the package: 1 RTA, 1 stainless steel drip tip, a bag of cotton, a bag of replacement screws, orings and wick and allen key.
EL Diablo Style RTA

Take this diablo style rta apart. From left to right: building deck, chimney, glass tube, top air tube conjunction, top cap, drip tip.
EL Diablo Style RTA

Here to show the vertical air flow. The air goes from the bottom, through the coil, to the top. There is one different part from the original EL Diablo RTA, that is the original one comes wih air flow adjustable sleeves. But this one, no, they only hase a ring screws on the bottom and I don’t know what it is for. You are welcome to  leave your comment below if you have any ideas.
EL Diablo Style RTA

We now have many tanks/RDAs with 2 post velocity design. So there is no need to tell how easy to build on this 2 post deck. Just to show some specific stats. 22mm tank diameter. 10mm 2 holes distance. 2mm holes diameter. Use the allen key to screw and fix your coil.
EL Diablo Style RTA

Here we used a kanthal coil 28Ga with 10 wraps, 2 coils, around 1.0ohm. Just for demonstrating.  In fact this RTA is perfect for a sub ohm build. Just build the coil directly up above the air hole. 1-2mm distance will be OK.

EL Diablo Style RTA

It’s not easy to get the cotton down the deck. make sure the coil does not getting too close to the air hole. Use a small screw drivers to help you manage the cotton.  There are four oil guiding channel, just use the cotton to cover the hole. This step you need to be careful place the cotton, just to prevent oil leaking. Drop a few drips of juice on the cotton.
EL Diablo Style RTA

Screw the glass and top part on and you can start filling your tank from top. At the beginning, drip in about 1/3 to see if there is any oil leaking from the bottom air hole. If the leaking problem is big, just stop are try to adjust the coil to block the oil guiding hole. EL Diablo Style RTA

Here we say some pros and cons. Just personal.

1. Fantasy flavor.
2. Huge airflow.
3. Top filling design.

1. No air flow control.  This may not be big matter as it brings good flavor with air hole wide open. Personally I put the huge airflow as a pro. But I know someone may feel they like AFC.
2. It takes skills to build coil on this RTA to avoid oil leaking.
3. 2.5ml capacity may be a little bit small for some user.

Would like to get one, Check 3FVAPE.com


Silve EL Diablo Style RTA Black EL Diablo Style RTA Blue EL Diablo Style RTA


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  1. The nonadjustable airflow is the only thing stopping me from purchasing this. Not really because I wanna adjust my airflow tighter but more for the fact that the airflow needs to be closed off when top filling. I think this issue really needs to be fixed from the manufacturer. Everybody always wants a 1:1 clone of the original product UNLESS its something thats a con and needs to be removed. That’s just my two cents though.

  2. The way you adjust for airflow for this rta is simple …you dont buy it unless its your taste, that you inhale straight to lung, that you like a bit of cloud. Why does the airflow need to be locked, very strange comment. And what do you mean Everybody, bit of a cheek and worse when you have never used it.