1. MastiffMike

    I love my egrips (I have 4) but always wished they had a longer lasting battery and a larger juice capacity, so the Xtube One sounded perfect… but there are problems:

    My comments:
    – Battery is higher mAh but doesn’t last any longer than an egrip.
    – Juice capacity is larger, but it’s a pain to fill (filling the egrip 3 times is easier than filling the Xtube once)
    – Coils are shoddy construction (all of the ones I’ve tried have need fixing because the coil leads stick out past the rubber grommet and cause a short). Once modified they work pretty good for 8-10 hours but then their wicking ability seems to slow down and dryish hits start.
    – The RBA deck is junk. The screw posts BOTH touch the chimney cap causing a short. Also, the egrip RBA has holes to feed the coil leads through which make building much easier than having to wrap around the actual screws like on the Xtube. Since I can’t get a build to actually work without shorting on the chimney cap, I’m forced to stick to the stock coils (I bought extras).
    – The thing leaks. It didn’t leak the first 2 hours, but it has pretty consistently ever since.
    – The overall size and weight is nice, but the shape isn’t. To fill or replace the coil requires turning upside down and removing the bottom. Problem is that due to the top’s design, it doesn’t want to stand up on it’s own upside down (the egrip does this very well).
    – The build quality of the main body is shoddy. The slot in the metal to show juice level is unbelievably sharp.
    – Air flow control is nice but doesn’t hold it’s position very well (too easy to turn on it’s own when in pocket). Mouth-to-lung inhale works great, but I wish there was just a little more airflow when all the way open to better direct lung inhale.
    – I wish the button was slightly recessed, or at least flush, rather than protruding out past the body. I’d be concerned about it firing in my pocket, but because it leaks so bad I haven’t put it in my pocket.
    – USB port isn’t on the bottom (which I hate about the egrip) which allows the unit to stand up while charging. However, it doesn’t work as a pass-thru (i.e. can’t vape while connected to USB) and even if it did, the USB port location would make using the unit while plugged in cumbersome.
    – The outside of the whole unit gets quite warm during use, even on the lowest setting.

    I was SOOOO excited that the Xtube One has the feature tweaks that I wish the egrip had, but it fails in so many areas that they never should have offered it for sale until most of the issues are fixed.

    1. Aussie1

      Coils are complete crap!
      I bought 1 and not even the supplied coils would work with it, I bought 5 extra coils and 5 RBA coils and only 1 of the prebuilt coils work none of the rba coils work they all short out.

      The mod itself is fine it works well if you can find any coils to use, I havent had any leaks and its a great mtl tank.

      This is destined for the trash once my 1 coil dies there is no point keep paying for dud coils

      1. Budi

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