1. GBalkam

    I’m running a Hex-Coil build (6 coils) on mine right now. 7 wraps of 26ga kanthal, 3 coils each side. I’m using 26ga because my box only does 200w and 24ga didn’t heat enough to really pump out the clouds on 200w. I could probably do 8 coils easy enough if i had a 300w box.

    The best way to wick that build is start at the bottom coil and put the wick through just like lacing your boots. 1 wick from the bottom all the way to the top, stuff the top end down between the posts, and bottom just goes into the juice well as usual. Do this on both sides.. you get a massive amount of juice flowing to all 6 coils.

    If you want to see this go to my youtube channel gbalkam is the username as well. There are 2 videos. The short one is with the 26ga kanthal, the longer one is the build video using 24ga kanthal. I think I used a 3.5mm core for the coils.

    This is an awesome RDA though.


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