CoilArt DPRO RDA Unboxing Review

What up guys! Today we will do an unboxing review for the CoilArt DPRO RDA. Let’s get it!
Authentic CoilArt DPRO RDALet’s get the box open.

Authentic CoilArt DPRO RDAWe have a DPRO RDA, two Fused Clapton coils ( 2 x 26GA / 40GA, Ni80, 0.3 ohm), some cotton, one pack of accessories, one Allen key, one instruction card.
Authentic CoilArt DPRO RDAThe drip tip and sleeve are made out of Ultem. It feels nice and smooth.
Authentic CoilArt DPRO RDASome basic info on the bottom side, and a flat Philips center pin. The center pin is protruding, fits mechnical mod even the hybrid one.
Authentic CoilArt DPRO RDAUltem wide bore drip tip and sleeve, stainless steel base. Easy to disassemble.

Authentic CoilArt DPRO RDA‘DPRO’ logo on the drip tip.

Authentic CoilArt DPRO RDATwo middle air holes on the sleeve. Two o-rings wrapped around the base.

Authentic CoilArt DPRO RDACreative postless build deck, 24K gold plated and PEEK insulator, cool.

Authentic CoilArt DPRO RDAThe inner diameter of the deck is about 19.8mm, enough space for wicking.
Authentic CoilArt DPRO RDALength extended airflow system with dual adjustable side airflow. Four terminals with side mounted hex screw sat at base of deck, for locking coils.

Authentic CoilArt DPRO RDAWe have a single coil, or…

Authentic CoilArt DPRO RDA…dual coil. Super easy to build.

Authentic CoilArt DPRO RDADPRO is squonk-friendly. We have an extra bottom feeder pin.

Thank you for reading  the unboxing. You can get more information from our YouTube channel ↓↓↓

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