1. Pete

    How do you wick it without blocking the air holes? I bought one and cannot figure that out

    1. 3FVape 3FVape

      make it shorter. The air hits the cotton not wire directly. split the cotton.

      1. Deniz

        You are not making any sense at all. Like whoever designed this rda. It is total failure.

  2. Allegre Farid

    c’est n’importe quoi ce systeme pour mettre le coton , il ne faut pas l’acheter.

  3. John

    I agree the airholes are placed in a awful place but I did a 5 wrap 24g coil short wick makes an improvement but not alot tbh

  4. Alan daly

    This rda looks nice and I like the clamps but I think the airflow will be blocked by the wicks . It looks nice but I think it needs to be tweaked a little

  5. Nicholas sears

    The fact that this company used the 528 brand logo is disgusting and they should be shut down..you people make me sick for even supporting this company..have a nice day and go fuck yourself


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