1. Edward

    When are you getting more of these. It was one of the best atomizers you’ve ever had on your site and I for one would Probably buy three more given the pending regulations if you get them back in.

    It’s a shame that every time you get a solid 1:1 itme you seem to never get a second shipment.

    Please check on getting these again. The other items are awful and the was the best. The cloud one while nice has very weak plastic tanks. It’s just not as good. Nothing else you have compares to the quality of the pico seen here.

    1. 3FVape 3FVape

      To be honest, the manufacture get this each batch with specific quantity. Though many people like you love this item. But not enough to meed the MOQ of the manufacture and if we carry this as pre-sale again, it’s hard to predict the quantity and it may cause overstocking. I have forwarded your inquiry to our sourcing team and thank you so much for your understanding.

  2. Jason

    Are you getting this back in stock anytime soon?


  3. FS

    Please listen to your customers, we need this Pico RTA back in stock.


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